This is where you will find the best adult dating sites.  Learn from our extensive reviews – we’ve put more time into this than anyone out there.  There are five us us men who all went to college together on the East Coast, and who now live in New York, (two of us) Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and the Dallas suburbs.  Three of us are business partners who work remotely and the other two guys are both in sales.  We are all “Type A” personalities, and we know our demeanor isn’t for everyone, so we’re just letting you know that in advance.

Dating people as adults has taken on an entirely new meaning.  These days, we are too busy to go to a bar and buy someone a drink and strike up a conversation.  In fact, some days we are so busy we literally swipe profiles so fast that we become angry at what we may have left behind.

Welcome to The World of Dating for Adults

There are many sites out there promising you no strings attached hook-ups, one night stands, and more.  Sick and tired of the getting ripped off, a few of us started logging our experiences in 2016 with the end goal of launching an information rich website that can educate people about our encounters and help others find flings online by joining various adult oriented dating websites.

What this is:  a place where you can find unfiltered reviews of adult dating websites that your Grandma would definitely not approve of.  They are in your face, risque, and factual.  We hold nothing back when we talk about what went down.

What this is NOT:  a match making review website.  We don’t promise you’ll find love, get married, have beautiful kids, and live in a nice neighborhood with white picket fences.  If you do find that, well, consider that a bonus.  Being in our late twenties, we aren’t looking for love.  We are looking for females who looking to have fun, hook up, and keep it at just that.

Below, find our top rated websites where adults meet online.  You can click the “read review” button on each one to be taken to a FULL review page where you’ll see all five of our reviews broken down into exactly what went down, how it happened, as well as give you a look at some personalized advice each of us took away from the experience.

Everything you read here is real, raw, and in your face.  You may disagree with us being so upfront about our lives, but then again, you’ll be thanking us when you join one of these top notch sites for meeting like minded adults and you start to ramp up your sex life.

Before you dive in head first on the reviews, you should understand our criteria.

How We Rank Adult Hook Up Sites

With our mutual experience in using these sites, you won’t find a better place to learn about where you can carve out your own sexual playground online.  Below is a list of the most import factors considered when we joined hook up sites.

Size of the Member Base

When you are looking for casual encounters online, you need to know that it’s often a numbers game.  You’ll have to send messages to a bunch of women in order to get the best response.

Ease of Use

Let’s face it, some of us aren’t tech savvy.  We need our hook up apps to be easy to use.  It’s plain and simple.  Nobody wants to have to spend time figuring out how to contact members, search for members, and rank them.


Nobody likes to waste money, and we’re always joining so many sites that we need to justify what we are doing here.  Accordingly, the cost to join any hook up site is included in the ranking formula.  Most are 100% free to join up, but then again, they aren’t all that way.  Some will require an upfront fee, which may anger people, but then again it weeds out the tire kickers and sometimes that creates a stronger network of people.  We’d rather know that the people I’m contacting are serious about having sex.

The Messaging and Flirting Interface

You need to know how to send messages, especially if you are the “sexting” type with serious game to spit.  If you need to get the fire started, messaging is the best way to do so.  We are all for throwing game at women and sending filthy messages to them, and then waiting for their replies.  It’s a form of art, and we even share tips on what you can say to women in an entirely entertaining chapter of our site.

At the end of the day, we use these sites to make hooking up easy.  If it’s affordable, easy, and saves time from frolicking around town in bars and stuff like that, it’s a huge value.  Think of how much money you spend in bars chasing women, when you could do it online for a much smaller fee.

List of the Top Dating Websites for Adults 2017


Read our full review to find out why this site has the friskiest members, the most active member base, and the highest success ratio.